Top 35 Plays of 2015: #2 – Foreman Saves the Day

The number 2 play in our countdown to determine the best plays of Tennessee’s 2015 season is Malik Foreman’s game saving forced fumble against South Carolina. Continue reading “Top 35 Plays of 2015: #2 – Foreman Saves the Day”

How Did Mike DeBord Set Up His Second Touchdown?

Tennessee barely squeaked out a 27-24 win over South Carolina this past weekend. They didn’t play their best game, but made plays when it mattered most. Something that jumped out to me from the game was a connection between the Vols’ first and second touchdowns. Offensive coordinator Mike DeBord did a brilliant job of setting up the second touchdown with the first one, so I want to take a look at both plays, and why the second one worked so well. Continue reading “How Did Mike DeBord Set Up His Second Touchdown?”