What Happened on Worley’s Fumble?

One of the most critical plays in the Tennessee-Oklahoma game came early in the first quarter when Tennessee quarterback Justin Worley was sacked and lost a fumble. At the time, Oklahoma was only ahead 3-0 and the Vols were driving. This turnover swung the momentum in the Sooners direction and it was a long time before Tennessee got it back. Continue reading “What Happened on Worley’s Fumble?”

Hurd Gains Big Yards on Counter

Jalen Hurd has probably the biggest play of his college career so far in the third quarter of the Oklahoma game when he broke a 43 yard run. The play called by offensive coordinator Mike Bajakian did a really good job of taking advantage of the defenses overreaction to bubble motion and hit them with a counter away from the motion. Continue reading “Hurd Gains Big Yards on Counter”