Vols Film Study: Bob Shoop and “America’s Blitz”


New article up over at FOX Sports Knoxville that looks at Bob Shoop and “America’s Blitz.”

America’s Blitz is one of Shoop’s favorite concepts and it’s easy to see why. With the overload to the one side , Shoop was able to create a very favorable matchup with Osborne rushing one-on-one versus a check-and-release tight end. That’s what good scheming is all about – putting players in position to succeed by creating positive matchups.

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Vols Film Study: Sutton’s Interception

New article is now up over at FOX Sports Knoxville.

Cameron Sutton’s third quarter interception was a game-saver for the Vols. With the Mountaineers leading 13-3 and driving past midfield, the Vols were looking to their defense to step up and make a play.

Another score for Appalachian State could very well have meant the Vols faced an insurmountable deficit. Fortunately, Tennessee’s all-conference corner stepped up at the right time and made an incredible play to put the ball back in the hands of his offense.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at how Sutton made the play.

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Vols Film Study: New Series for FOX Sports Knoxville

foxI am very excited to introduce my latest project. This football season, I will be writing a series of articles for FOX Sports Knoxville, titled Vols Film Study.

Vols Film Study will take an in-depth look at Tennessee each week, and analyze what happened on the field. The articles will be very similar to what has been posted on Football Concepts in the past.

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Young Players Show Skill in Spring Scrimmage

Last Saturday, the Tennessee Volunteers hosted their annual spring scrimmage. The Orange and White Game is always a fun event for Vol fans, who get to see many young players in action for the first time. This year’s game was no different, as multiple talented Vols flashed talent on the field and showed the potential to have a big impact in 2016 and beyond. Continue reading “Young Players Show Skill in Spring Scrimmage”