Vols Film Study: Joshua Dobbs and the Zone Read

dobbsFrom earlier this week, an article on Joshua Dobbs and the read aspect of the Outside Zone.

This play is a great example of Mike DeBord using formations and personnel to create favorable matchups, putting his players in a great position to succeed. The two tight end set gave the Vols a lead blocker in both directions. Wolf especially deserves credit for his blocking on the edge, leading the way for Dobbs.

The formation dictated that the Tigers would only have one defender in a position to defend Dobbs once the end crashed. This is a very favorable matchup for the Vols’ quarterback. Dobbs took advantage of the opportunities and set a career high for rushing yards in his final game in Neyland Stadium.

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Vols Film Study: Alvin Kamara and the Outside Zone

kamaraFrom last week: a look at Alvin Kamara’s success on the Outside Zone play versus Kentucky over at FOX Sports Knoxville.

Both of Kamara’s touchdowns came on this play, and most of his yards did as well. Kamara totaled 112 yards on the Outside Zone play alone, on only 6 attempts. The line did a great job with their blocking, and Kamara was outstanding at reading his blocks and finding open space. And once Kamara is in the open field, not many defenders are going to be able to take him down. He is a very special player and has a bright future ahead of him.

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Vols Film Study: Bob Shoop and “America’s Blitz”


New article up over at FOX Sports Knoxville that looks at Bob Shoop and “America’s Blitz.”

America’s Blitz is one of Shoop’s favorite concepts and it’s easy to see why. With the overload to the one side , Shoop was able to create a very favorable matchup with Osborne rushing one-on-one versus a check-and-release tight end. That’s what good scheming is all about – putting players in position to succeed by creating positive matchups.

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Vols Film Study: Looking at Dobbs’ Interceptions

dobbs-scarArticle up over on FOX Sports Knoxville that takes a look at how two poor reads by Joshua Dobbs cost the Vols versus South Carolina.

Perhaps the biggest factor in the Tennessee Volunteers’ 24-21 loss to the South Carolina Gamecocks was turnovers. Turnovers have plagued the Vols’ season. The team has looked sloppy and undisciplined at times, and against South Carolina, it cost them.

The prime culprit was quarterback Joshua Dobbs. The senior threw two interceptions and fumbled the ball once. Both interceptions were critical plays in the game, and both came as a result of a bad decision by Dobbs to throw into coverage.

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